IMS 2024

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June 16-21, 2024
Washington, DC

IMS is dedicated to all things microwaves and RF, including numerous sessions focused on ӲƵAPP technologies and solutions,?developed under ӲƵAPP Labs.

Industry Workshop (IWTU1)
Tuesday, June 18, 8am ET

“Silicon technologies for 5G/6G Cellular Front-End Modules”

Abstract – “The research area of improving the performance, cost and size of 5G RF solutions and evolution to 6G is very active with many developments and it is one of the driving factors for semiconductor industry. Mobile cellular subscribers reached more than 6 billion in 2022 and 5G LTE brings high data capacity as low latency using sub-6GHz and mm-Wave spectrum. Mm-Wave up to 300GHz will play a major role in future 6G networks. The proliferation of worldwide smartphones has been in part possible due to increased computational power of CMOS technology and RF integration This has made also possible to essentially enhance RF CMOS through digital signal processing (DSP) and digital calibration. The industrial workshop will cover 5G semiconductor technologies and architectures currently used in RF Front End Modules for cellular applications, the challenges for the 5G deployment as well the evolution to 6G.”

Presented by:

Dr. Venkata Vanukuru, Globalfoundries, India: Silicon technologies for 5G/6G Cellular Circuits

Dr. Anuranjan Puttaraju, Skyworks, USA: Principles of 5G/5G+ Cellular Power Amplifier Design.

Dr. Florinel Balteanu, Skyworks, USA: 5G/6G Cellular Front End Module Principles

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