Combining high?performance and ultra?low power

Purpose-built for connected intelligence at the edge

Youve already envisioned a high-performing, low-power design for your product. Now its time to make it a reality. ӲƵAPPs FDX platform offers full SoC integration including digital, analog and high performance RF for signal range. The 22FDX? platform offers a versatile SoC when you cant compromise between ultra-low power and performance.

Full SoC



body-biasing for

ultra-low power

Responsive and

reliable wireless


Integration to maximize system power & minimize bill of materials

Create integrated low-power, high-performance designs with the FDX platform from ӲƵAPP. With extensive, flexible design capabilities, the FDX platform enables SoC integration and optimal PPA.

  • Maximize performance over a smaller area by integrating up to five chips into one die?digital, analog, RF, power & non?volatile memory
  • Up to 50% higher performance, up to 70% less power used compared to other planar CMOS technologies
  • Integrated LDMOS for power amplifiers and power management
  • Robust embedded eNVM
  • Automotive Grade 1 and 2 qualified

Ultra-low power with adaptive body-biasing for dynamic power-performance tradeoff

With adaptive body-biasing, ӲƵAPPs FDX technology is dynamically adjusted to operate at the lowest possible voltage to achieve ultra-low power and high-performance needed for todays demanding applications.

  • Ultra-low power capabilities with VDD as low as 0.4V
  • Ultra-low leakage architecture with ~1 pA/ leakage thin-oxide transistors and <1 pA/cell retention current memories
  • Up to 60% lower power at same frequency or up to 30% faster performance at same power with body-bias

Responsive and reliable wireless connectivity

Obtain responsive and reliable wireless connectivity for fewer dropped connections, faster downloads and less buffering with 22FDX RF.

  • RF transistors with >350GHz fT and >400GHz fmax
  • Noise figure (NFmin) down to 0.20dB
  • Ultra-thick metal layers to minimize RF loss
  • Comprehensive set of foundry-qualified devices for fast time to market in RF and millimeter wave applications