GlobalSolutions? Ecosystem

The GlobalSolutions Ecosystem encompasses IP, EDA, Design Services, OSAT and specialized FDX and RF networks.

Gain access to best-in-class EDA software tools, design IP, design services and ӲƵAPPs OSAT partners to develop next-generation designs. Rise above your competitors with the expertise and support of ӲƵAPP and our OSAT partners through ӲƵAPPs GlobalSolutions Ecosystem.

Accelerate the migration to ӲƵAPP FDX? platforms and simplify RF design with FDX and RF?networks, respectively, while reducing design effort to achieve first-time-right results in application-specific hardware.

Customer benefits

Design with confidence, reduce turnaround time, costs, and risks and differentiate your hardware by leveraging ӲƵAPP in-house assets, along with a broad range of validated, platform/application-optimized partner services and solutions.

Take advantage of best-in-class resources throughout the entire process and go beyond advanced process technologies to transform your bold ideas into indispensable technology with agility and confidence.

Design with confidence

Amplify your visibility, reach and market penetration, gain valuable insights into ӲƵAPP solutions and platform roadmaps, leverage ӲƵAPP expertise and unlock a wide range of co-marketing opportunities. Drive innovation in multiple dimensions of technological advancement.

IP Network

The IP Network brings cutting-edge IP providers alongside ӲƵAPP to provide Foundational, Mixed-Signal, Interface, Non-Volatile Memory (NVM such as eFlash, eFuse, MRAM, and RRAM) IP across all ӲƵAPP technology platforms such as SiGe, SiPh, RF-SOI, FDX?, FinFET, BCD, BCDLite?, SiGe, and CMOS. The IP Network brings to life SoCs that aid in building state-of-the-art solutions in Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer IoT, Data Center, Networking, Mobility (including Audio & Display drivers), Wired Infrastructure and SatCom areas. Enduring partnerships in the network grant ӲƵAPP customers access to verified and silicon-proven IP, as well as expert support, which shortens time to market. Collaboration amongst members of the IP network assists ӲƵAPP customers in building a unified set of IP to integrate on SoCs. With ӲƵAPP, your bold vision will no longer just be a visiontheyll be a reality. 

EDA Network

The EDA Network brings together steadfast, industry-leading EDA companies to provide signoff tools that cover end-to-end design enablement from schematic capture, to layout, place & route and simulation & verification. Discover seamless tape-out of industry-standard flows with ӲƵAPP platforms that cater to all ӲƵAPP markets, including Automotive and RF mmWave. Produce innovative designs and validate high-quality design results through analyses such as Power, Performance, Area and Cost (PPAC), EMIR, reliability, aging, end of life, and more. 

Design Services Network

The Design Services Network helps ӲƵAPP customers carry the path forward for all your SoC needs from RTL (architecture) to GDS (tape-out). Expert support from the network empowers ӲƵAPP customers to design more efficiently using design services that range from RTL to Design for Test (DFT) and Verification, including physical design (place and route). Unlock access to experts in ӲƵAPP markets, including Automotive, with the Design Services Network. Take advantage of ӲƵAPPs global manufacturing footprint and expansive, design services network to innovate at higher levels. 

FDX? Network

FDX Network? facilitates 22FDX? system-on-chip (SoC) design and enables designers to accelerate time to market through cost-effective, differentiated semiconductor chips that harness the unique power-saving, body-biasing, and adaptive body-biasing features of the ӲƵAPP? 22FDX? solutions (built on 22 nm FD-SOI process technology). With ӲƵAPPs FDX Network? solutions, customers can build innovative 22FDX? SoC solutions with faster migration to FD-SOI from bulk nodes such as 40nm and 28nm.  

Spark your creativity, build innovative solutions and penetrate high-growth markets with ӲƵAPPs optimized FDX resources. 

RF Network

The RF Network is an ecosystem of companies who have teamed up with ӲƵAPP to enable customers and partners to develop simplified, feature-rich and RF-optimized solutions and to leverage the industry-leading RF platforms and roadmaps to satisfy increasingly demanding requirements, standards and consumer expectations in 5G, mobile, automotive RADAR, small cell/fixed wireless, mmWave backhaul and satellite broadband communication applications.  

Catalyze the development of innovative solutions with ӲƵAPPs RF Network to rise above the challenges of adapting to the accelerated rollout of 5G and wireless network infrastructure, bringing your inventive designs to market early. 

OSAT Network

The OSAT Network offers comprehensive turnkey offerings in collaboration with leading OSATs. The network gathers the post-fab turnkey expertise of ӲƵAPP and OSATs to deliver comprehensive package design (including 2D, 2.5D and 3D package technologies), thermal and electrical modeling services to customers. Take advantage of ӲƵAPPs unwavering partnerships with leading-edge OSATs and materialize shorter time to end-product qualification and faster product ramp for your designs.  

GlobalSolutions? Ecosystem Partners

  • Ultra-low-power PMU IP in 22FDX?, 10+ PMU IPs provides more selection
  • IPs in other ӲƵAPP processes are available, including proven eNVM IP
  • mmWave silicon IP for backhaul, 5G, satellite communications and radar sensors
  • ASIC design services for wireless transceivers, radar radios, phased-array antennas, frequency synthesizers and analog front-ends
  • Lowest power Gigasample-class data converter IP available in advanced GlobalFoundries technology
  • Ideal for any high sample rate, low power applications
  • Radiation-tolerant and radiation-hardened versions available

Amkor is one of the world’s largest providers of contract semiconductor assembly and test services. Founded in 1968, Amkor pioneered the outsourcing of IC assembly and test and is now a strategic manufacturing partner for more than 200 of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs. Amkor’s operational base encompasses more than 5 million square feet of floor space with production facilities, product development centers and sales & support offices located in key electronics manufacturing regions in Asia, Europe and the United States.


Analog Bits, Inc. specializes in designing transistor level IP components fully customized for easy and reliable integration into digital chips designed on modern CMOS logic processes. Products include precision clocking IP macros such as PLLs, DLLs, and programmable interconnect solutions such as multi-protocol SerDes. With over 500 designs in mass production across a variety of processes, Analog Bits is a premier clocking IP supplier with a solid track record of first time working silicon at ӲƵAPP.

Andes Technology
  1. Andes provides power-efficient, small-footprint 32-bit and 64-bit soft CPU IP cores implemented on ӲƵAPPs 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX?) technology, especially well-suited for the IoT, edge computing and deep learning SoC design
  2. Andes provides a comprehensive ecosystem, including the most mature support for RISC-V processor cores
  • ANSYS multiphysics simulation enables chip-package-system (CPS) success in 7nm FinFET, RFIC and 22FDX in AI, 5G, automotive and HPC applications
  • Solve physically-coupled design challenges of power, thermal, variability, timing, electromagnetics and reliability across CPS

Aragio Solutions is a semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and integrated design service provider with a focus on quality ESD designs for IO pad sets. The company’s IP and design expertise have been utilized by design teams at companies worldwide. Aragio deliverables provide IC designers with a uniform IO pad set for a wide range of process technologies. Aragio’s designs can be customized to a specific clients needs, or can be implemented as an entire library with the I/O library architecture specified by Aragio. Aragio’s solutions have an eleven year track record of success with technology solutions ranging from 0.6 um old linear CMOS technology to the Common Platform 65nm process node.


Arasan Chip Systems is a leading IP solution provider for mobile storage and connectivity. Arasans silicon-proven Total IP Solutions include digital controllers, analog PHYs, verification IP, hardware verification kits, software stacks and drivers, and optional customization services for eMMC, Ethernet, MIPI, PCI, SD, SDIO, UFS, and USB.


ARM? Physical IP Platforms deliver process optimized IP, for best-in-class processor implementations. These platforms are comprised of logic libraries, memory compilers and interface IP. Collectively, they provide a powerful suite of design alternatives, offering System-on-Chip (SoC) designers the ability to balance performance, power, area and manufacturability throughout the design process. ARM leadership in microprocessor architectures, coupled with its Physical IP Platform, delivers optimal SoC designs and reduces time-to-market.

ArterisIP logo
  • ArterisIP interconnect IP accelerates timing closure for FDX-based designs, in applications from automotive ADAS and machine learning to small IoT processors
  • ArterisIP FDX-based offerings include the Ncore Cache Coherent Interconnect IP with Ncore Resilience Package, FlexNoC Interconnect IP with FlexNoC Resilience Package and PIANO Timing Closure Package

ASE Technology Holding Co (ASEH) combines the strengths and expertise of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE), Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (SPIL) and USI Inc. (USI) to create valuable synergy that benefits the semiconductor industry. Leveraging on the scale of the combined entity and bold innovations that allow the group to stay ahead of the technology curve, ASEHs continued pursuit of Heterogeneous Integration (HI) continues to drive the momentum in the digital era.The rise of 5G is transforming the world of smart digital applications, and ASEHs leadership in system integration is paving the way with competitive solutions that offer miniaturization, high performance, complex integration and superior quality.  ASE Technology Holding is the leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test. ASEH develops and offers complete turnkey solutions covering front-end engineering test, wafer probing, IC packaging and modules, materials, final test, system and board level integration and, electronic design and manufacturing services (EMS).

  • Silicon-validated analog/mixed-Signal IP
  • Design services including analog design, ASIC design, mask design, characterization, and full turnkey design and supply-chain management
  • Highly integrated IoT systems-on-chip comprising front ends, radios, mixed-signal, power management, PHY and modem
  • Turnkey best-in-class full-chip RFIC and modem design services for customers’ system solutions

Founded in 2010, Attopsemi Technology is dedicated to developing proprietary I-fuse? OTP IP to all CMOS process technologies from 0.7um to 7nm and beyond. I-fuse? OTP provides small size, high reliability, low program voltage, low power and wide temperature range to enable harsh applications such as automotive, 3D IC, and IoT applications.

  • Bruco Integrated Circuits is a fabless IC design center with a focus on Analog/Mixed Signal and RF.
  • We provide design services and turnkey solutions from early system specification to qualified silicon, designing LNAs and Switches in 7SW/8SW technologies.

Cadence Design Systems is a leading global EDA company. Cadence customers use our software, hardware, and services to overcome a range of technical and economic hurdles. Our technologies help customers create mobile devices with longer battery life. Designers of ICs for game consoles and other consumer electronics speed their products to market using our hardware simulators to run software on a ‘virtual’ chiplong before the actual chip exists. We bridge the traditional gap between chip designers and fabrication facilities, so that manufacturing challenges can be addressed early in the design stage. And our custom IC design platform enables designers to harmonize the divergent worlds of analog and digital design to create some of the most advanced mixed-signal system on chip (SoC) designs. These are just a few of the many essential Cadence solutions that drive the success of leading IC and electronic systems companies.


Our Engineers attend and contribute to several Standards, including IEEE 802.3, OPEN Alliance SIG, USB IF with the aim to develop and offer innovative IPs based upon such Standards which includes: 802.3cg and 802.3bw Automotive and Industrial Ethernet PHYs and MAC layers, USB2 Phys, USB Power Delivery 2 PHY and the newly released eUSB2 Repeater.

As the world leader in Engineering and R&D services, we help our clients accelerate their journey towards intelligent industry. We bring them global expertise and capabilities, cutting-edge technologies in digital and software, agile engineering platforms, and an industrialized delivery model.

With more than 55,000 engineers and scientists across the globe, we unleash the potential of R&D and innovation to help companies engineer smart products, optimized operations, new customer experiences, and new sources of value. We help the worlds largest innovators engineer the products and services of tomorrow by leveraging our experts, labs, tools, and frameworks across three main expertise domains:

  • Products and systems engineering
  • Digital and software
  • Industrial operations
  • Silicon validated IO Libraries, with robust ESD and a wide variety of features and applications. Optimized IO customizations targeting low-power, IoT, consumer electronics, automotive, Rad-Hard/Aerospace, communications and RF applications available.
  • Design services that provide custom IO and ESD Libraries and solutions for your products. We work with your design teams to help tailor the IO library for your product needs.
  • Leading provider of low-power certified IP solution for Wireless Connectivity standards (WiFi, Bluetooth, Thread, NB-IoT, GNSS etc.) for consumer and IoT applications
  • Offers efficient AI & Deep Learning Processor IPs for Imaging and Computer Vision Edge IoT & Automotive Applications
  • We offer ultra-low-power IP for next generations of hearables and wearables
  • We are using FDX22nm due the highly optimized process node for these applications (SOI, BB, etc…)
  • World-class radio/antenna advanced test and characterization facility, electromagnetic simulation and modeling from MHz to THz
  • Intelligent mmWave phased array/MIMO integrated circuit, module, antenna, system-in-package, IP and R&D

CMC Microsystems has more than 30 years experience in delivering multi-project wafer services across a range of technologies, including advanced microelectronics, photonics and MEMS. Based in Canada, CMC reduces barriers to technology adoption by providing access to design tools, prototyping, value-added packaging & assembly services and in-house expertise for first-time-right prototypes. Through its CAD, FAB and LAB platforms and services, CMC enables more than 10,000 academic participants and 1,000 companies from Canada and around the world to develop innovations in micro-nanotechnologiestaking an idea from concept through to a manufacturable prototype. CMC also offers options for dedicated engineering runs and full production wafers in ӲƵAPP technology solutions. 

  • CoreHW is your one-stop custom ASIC solution partner
  • CoreHW competences cover RF systems; RFIC; analog, mixed signal and digital; RF front-end and antennas

CSEM is one of Europe’s leading providers of IoT solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in this domain, our multidisciplinary team includes experts in hardware and software, wireless communications and sensors, and systems integration and standards, all taking a holistic view of our customers’ applications in order to provide them with optimized answers to the challenges they face.

  • WaveIntegrity? is a comprehensive software suite that integrates seamlessly into any client flow to tackle SLN during digital, analog or RF IP authoring and full system integration, from RTL to tape out
  • SiPEX? accurately models interactions between devices, back-end-of-line, and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates enabling RF front end module designers to fully simulate layout and design changes with accuracy, speed and seamless design flow interoperability
Cyient Logo
  • Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions company with expertise in engineering, manufacturing and digital technology
  • Operates on competitive cost advantages, end-to-end solutions and services and 20+ years of experience in first-time functional analog, digital, and mixed-signal ASIC design and supply for the industrial, medical, automotive and consumer markets

DNP is dedicated to maintaining our top position as the leader in photomask technology. To this end, we are consistently accelerating next generation development through continued focus on “in-house” and collaborative R&D efforts. Through significant investment in R&D and advanced manufacturing capacity, DNP is able to maintain its technological expertise to satisfy the complex technical demands of today and well into the future. As an example, DNP was the first company to co-develop 50KeV writing tools and introduce them to the industry, enabling smaller feature sizes for the most advanced semiconductors.


Headquartered in France,?Dolphin Design, previously known as Dolphin Integration,?is a semiconductor company employing 160 people, including 140 highly qualified engineers.? 


eMemory Technology Inc. founded in August of 2000, is a technology based company focused on the development of logic embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) such as OTP, MTP, and Flash. We have published 186 patents. There are over 158 companies who have implemented our technologies and intellectual properties (IP) worldwide. With over 550 products customers designed, more than 330 have been manufactured. To date, 560,000 wafers have been fabricated with 95% covered by worldwide foundries. Our product line covers Neobit Fuse, Neobit MTP, Neobit RFID, and NeoFlash.

  • Empyrean’s high speed SarADC IP in 22FDX? provides high performance with ultra low power
  • Empyrean’s worldwide support team provides timely, strong support

Encore Semi, Inc is the premier Design Services company in the USA with extensive expertise in System on Chip implementation including both hardware and embedded software development. Encore Semi is the preferred partner for many of the tier-1 fabless semiconductor companies. We have an excellent reputation for providing the highest level of engineering skills. Our capabilities include both augmentation as well as turnkey project execution. Our technical expertise includes RTL development and verification, synthesis, timing analysis, physical design, low power expertise, emulation, hardware and software co-verification and validation, and more. Encore Semi’s business models are flexible and we can deploy a design team at your facility or perform the work at our own design centers.

Extoll Logo
  • EXTOLL provides leading-edge semiconductor IP for the interconnect market.
  • High-performance, low latency SERDES PHY, which provides interconnect solution from 2.5 to 32 Gpbs, and high-speed, low-jitter LC-PLL are both silicon proven in several process nodes.
  • EnSilica is a fabless ASIC company offering a full design and supply service for mixed signal and digital ASICs down to 22nm
  • Our expertise includes low-power Ghz and sub-GHz radio design, mmWave RF design, sensor interfacing and advanced radar systems for automotive

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, conducts world-class research on microelectronic and IT system solutions and services. Today, it is the largest institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. With more than 30 years of experience in professional IC-Design, Fraunhofer IIS is development partner for customized solutions. Focus is on mixed-signal ASIC and SoC design for industrial, communication, consumer and automotive applications as well as on integrated solutions for increasingly complex electronic systems.

The scientists in the Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS, located in Dresden, work on adaptive and robust technological solutions in a broad range of applications such as mobility and industrial automation. Major aspects of their work are the design of reliable microchips and complex electronic systems in leading-edge semiconductor technologies as well as the corresponding design methods. Fraunhofer IIS is channel partner of GLOBALFOUNDRIES providing turnkey solutions for processes from 130 nm down to 22 FDX?.

  • Founded in 1993, ӲƵAPP Micro a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) of domain experts and silicon engineers, offers a full range of IP development, bespoke design services and full turnkey / fabless silicon solutions.
  • With over 500 years of combined Analogue and Digital ASIC design experience in-house, we successfully service a wide range of applications including Mil / Aerospace, Silicon Backplanes for Microdisplays, Power Management Systems and Wireless Communications
GIGA Solution
  • A total RF, mmWave, digital and mixed-signal test solution provider, from test fixture design, test program development on ATE/ Bench and RF HTOL reliability test to production
  • Die processing service: Back grinding, laminate, laser mark, laser grooving, dicing, AOI, singulated wafer probing and T&R with six-side visual inspection

HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Our technology products and services are built on four decades of innovation, with a world-renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships. HCL has a worldwide network of R&D facilities and co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities, and over 168,000+ Ideapreneurs across 50+ countries. HCL provides Silicon Services to global clients and has a strong legacy of more than 25 years in the VLSI Industry having worked with top chip manufacturers, foundries, OEMs and Start-ups across the globe. The team has 1800+ VLSI engineers (Specification to GDS) and 1500+ Hardware engineers (Post-GDS) to deliver Concept to Silicon Solutions. HCLs Silicon group offers complete turnkey and pointed services in the areas of Analog Mixed Signal Design & Layout, AMS Verification, AMS Modelling (Behavioural & SPICE) Digital Design (Spec to RTL), Pre-Silicon Verification (Functional & Emulation), Implementation (RTL to GDS), Design Automation (PDK Development/Qualification, EDA & CAD), Post Silicon Validation (Electrical, Functional & Performance), Package, Test Program (Development & Qualification), High Speed Board Design, Power Electronics, PCB Layout Services, Firmware Development, Device Drivers, Compliance Testing. HCL has invested more than $ 50 Mn in lab infrastructure that supports Product Certification Lab, Silicon Characterization Lab, Silicon Qualification Lab and RF/Antenna Lab.


Himax Media Solutions(HMS) is a subsidary of Himax Technologies, Inc (Nasdaq: HIMX – News) which is a fabless semiconductor provider dedicated to display image processing technologies and delivering worldwide leading TCON(timing controller) and driver ICs for a variety of LCD panels. HMS develops and licenses high-speed interface IP, which include HDMI, HDMI/MHL, V-By-One, eDP, MIPI DSI, and LVDS.


HOYA Corporation’s Mask Division is a major supplier of advanced photomasks and semiconductor design services. HOYA’s state-of-the-art photomask manufacturing facilities supply production quality photomasks down to 32nm process geometries to the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. HOYA is capable in offering customers a total solution for competitive LSI device development.


IBM has packaged the worlds leading-edge semiconductors for over 35 years in Bromont. We are known for our comprehensive approach to heterogeneous integration and large area packaging. The IBM mindset is one of quality and performance. We offer full turnkey management, from materials characterization to mechanical, thermal and electrical design. Our customers leverage our deep skillsets in inventory control, world-class failure analysis, and customized programming, burn-in or final test. We are accredited as a North American Microelectronics Trusted source. With a culture of working hand-in-hand with device designers and foundry services, IBM will ensure the effective execution of your new and updated advanced packaging platforms. For more information, please visit www.ibm.com.

ICsense -an independent subsidiary of the TDK group- is Europes premier IC design company. ICsenses core business is ASIC development and supply and custom IC design services. Our key differentiators:

  • Largest fab-independent European IC design group
  • World-class expertise in analog, digital, mixed-signal and high-voltage IC design
  • Exclusive design and supply in 4 markets:
    • Automotive IC designs (ISO26262 compliant flow)
    • Medical ASIC design (ISO13485 certified)
    • Industrial ASIC design (Functional safety IEC61508)
    • Consumer IC design
  • Ensigma is a leader in delivering wireless connectivity and broadcast IP solutions
  • Provides a single-source solution for low-power connectivity including Wi-Fi, BLE and 802.15.4

IN2FAB Technology Ltd is a world leading specialist in the migration of analog and mixed signal IP between foundries and processes. We provide design tools and design services to allow companies to move the electrical and physical design of existing products to new processes in a fraction of the time taken by other means. IN2FAB has extensive experience of technology and processes from foundries and IDM for both IP components and full chips and has migrated products that have generated hundreds of tape outs. Our technology allows existing customers to migrate their circuits and IP to new process nodes within ӲƵAPP and also enable other companies to transfer existing chips from other foundries to be produced at ӲƵAPP.

  • Characterization, simulations and modeling services for substrates, active and passive devices for analog and RF applications and MEMS, with a special focus on the FEM. Our services cover on-wafer and packaged components testing
  • Incize’s capabilities include small- and large-signal, wideband, nonlinear and noise behaviors, as well as harsh environment and radiation hardness applications
  • Silicon-to-systems range of engineering services
  • Software services ranging from various firmware, embedded and applications-specific offerings

Innopower is a leading semiconductor IP provider with a very experienced engineering team to supporting high-volume production. Innopower’s IP products are highly differentiated and are in use by many fabless design companies. The product offering focuses on the fundamental libraries (standard cells, memory compilers and I/O’s) which are feature-rich and innovative. In addition, the broad product portfolio includes other IP’s, such as special I/O and standard interface IPs. With the breath of its offering and competitive specifications, Innopower is there to support any SOC designs, whether the application is in consumer electronics, computers or communications.

  • Innosilicon provides silicon-validated complex interface IPs in 22FDX?, 14LPP, 28SLP and other nodes with high performance, fully customizable solutions
  • Leading one-stop-shop IP and turnkey solutions
  • ID-Xplore?: a Fast Design and Migration tool for analog IPs
  • ID-Xplore? provides full support for static and dynamic body biasing in FD-SOI technologies
  • Intrinsix is a Semiconductor Design Solutions company with over 30 years experience working with GlobalFoundries process offerings across many technologies including 22FDX?, 12LP/LPP and 8HP process nodes.
  • Intrinsix has expertise in Digital, Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF applications for Commercial and Consumer applications as well as Aerospace/Defense/Government programs.

INVECAS is founded by semiconductor industry visionaries to address the unique challenges encountered in deep sub-micron technologies. INVECAS brings together the High Speed Analog IP, Foundation IP, ASIC design and Embedded Software expertise under one roof to provide complete ASIC solutions for emerging Compute, Communication, Mobile and Embedded markets. INVECAS is also investing in developing in-house advanced CAD flows and design methodologies for Analog and Digital with leading EDA tool vendors to optimize Power, Performance and Area goals of the respective market segments. INVECAS delivers its ASIC solutions through offices in Santa Clara, CA and Burlington, VT in USA and Hyderabad, Bengaluru in India. INVECAS has forged a Foundry partnership with ӲƵAPP to bring world class manufacturing support for its customers worldwide.

  • Industry-leading RapidIO IP in 22FDX?
  • Strong local support provides professional service to clients

A trusted partner and supplier to leading semiconductor companies worldwide, JCET-SC provides fully integrated, multi-site, end-to-end packaging and testing solutions that bring products to the market faster. JCET-SC is a leading service provider of semiconductor packaging design, bump, probe, assembly, test and distribution solutions. We have the scale to provide a comprehensive range of semiconductor packaging and test solutions to a diversified global customer base servicing the computing, communications, consumer, automotive and industrial markets.


JFE SHOJI ELECTRONICS CORPORATION is an authorized ӲƵAPP Channel Partner in Japan. The company was established in October 2004 and became independent from JFE Shoji Corporation, after more than 20 years of semiconductor business experience as one of its sales and marketing divisions. JFE Shoji Corporation is one of the largest trading firms in Japan. To lead the brand-new start of our company, we have launched the Silicon Integrator Service in collaboration with ӲƵAPP. This new business partnership model with ӲƵAPP will play an important role in the JFE Shoji Group. In this dynamic electronics industry, we are making steady progress in dealing with distinctive products globally, ranging from Semiconductor Devices, Surface Mount Technology related equipment, Industrial Cleaning Machines through to various Analytical Instruments. As a partner with the capacity to provide technical support and comprehensive solutions, we continue to win recognition in the market as a value-added trading company that constantly surpass expectations of our customers, vendors and stakeholders. Under the guideline of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we put Customer Satisfaction (CS) of utmost importance together with continuous improvement. We have vast experience in handling a wide range of semiconductor solutions and products, including foundry services, ASIC and ASSP. We are also capable of providing customized solutions quickly to meet the needs of clients.

Keysight Technologies
  • RFwave-tailored circuit simulators with tight integration of 3D EM simulation technologies enabling co-simulation of chip level RF circuit blocks, multi-chip and multi-technology modules
  • An interoperable IC design platform
  • Credentialed FD-SOI expertise on system design, IC design, and fast prototyping
  • IoT, RF, and ADAS SoC realization focus
Lockheed Martin logo
  • Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company with 375+ facilities and 16,000 active suppliers, including suppliers in every U.S. state and more than 1,000 suppliers in over 50 countries outside the U.S
  • With a focus on the U.S. National Defense Strategy, LMCO is developing, innovating and integrating hypersonic capabilities that travel Mach 5 or more, directed energy that travels at the speed of light and autonomous systems used for a variety of military and commercial applications

Marvell Government Solutions (MGS) is a DMEA-accredited fabless semiconductor company, focused on advanced solutions for the Aerospace and Defense market. MGS is a bridge for the Defense Industrial Base to access true commercial technologies and expertise in a secure environment. MGS collaborates with their customers to create bespoke silicon, innovative packaging solutions, and access to vetted internally-developed and third-party IP. The parent company of MGS C Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. C features a market leading portfolio of IP for their companies to address their requirements in the most optimal way possible, achieving their performance targets for size, weight, and power. Marvell has decades of experience designing custom chip solutions, with expertise in both front-end and back-end design. As a non-traditional defense contractor, MGS has worked as a subtractor to DIBs on chip design as part of larger subsystem efforts. MGS’s capabilities encompass design, wafer and module test, assembly /OSAT / Fab supplier management, qualification and delivery.


MEDs Technologies Pte Ltd (MEDs), headquartered in Singapore, is a technology solutions company established since 1996, that supports hundreds of world-wide commercial and academia clients, with a strong presence in China, ASEAN, India and Europe. As an authorized Channel Partner of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the world’s leading specialty foundry, we are able to deliver feature-rich solutions that help our clients develop innovative products through more cost-effective ways, utilizing their differentiated Specialty CMOS process, such as SiGe, RFSOI, FDSOI, High Voltage/BCD and Analog/RF. MEDs core strength lies in our comprehensive Foundry Link Service, which spans across Design Enablement (EDA tools, design service and relevant proven IPs), Fab Service (MPW shuttle runs to volume production) and Backend Service (Air Cavity Specialty Packaging, Assembly, Test, Failure analysis, PCBA), to accelerate your path on time to market and lead you to Commercial Success and Research Breakthrough.

  • Menta provides embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP in 22FDX? System-on-Chip (SoC) designs targeting a variety of applications, including automotive ADAS, vision processors and ISP
  • eFPGA IP is highly flexible the number of logic blocks as well as the type and number of arithmetic and memory blocks are fully customizable
  • Mixel is a leading provider of mixed-signal IPs and offers a wide portfolio of high-performance mixed-signal connectivity IP solutions.
  • Mixels mixed-signal portfolio includes PHYs and SerDes, such as , , , , and supporting multiple standards. Available in GlobalFoundries 22FDX? technology platform.
  • High Frequency Measurement services up to 110 GHz and Device Modeling
  • Projects previously completed for GlobalFoundries include: Noise Characterization of Transistors up to 50 GHz and Noise, S-parameter and IP3 testing of 22nm FD-SOI LNAs over temp up to 40 GHz

MOSIS is a low-cost prototyping and volume production semiconductor Foundry service . Since 1981 MOSIS has fabricated over 50,000 circuit designs for commercial firms, government agencies and research and educational institutions around the world. MOSIS provides designers with a single interface to the constantly changing technologies and options available from the semiconductor industry. Mask generation, wafer fabrication, test and device packaging are contracted to leading industry partners. In addition to MPW (multi project wafer) services MOSIS also offers the option to provide dedicated Engineering runs and full production wafers for all of ӲƵAPP technology solutions.

NaNeng Micro
  • High-quality VbyOne IP in 22FDX?, more high-speed IPs, display IPs and analog IPs are portable to 22FDX?
  • Strong support system and flexibility on IP customization
  • Leading provider of ultra-low power, high-performance data converter and signal chain IP cores on advanced process.
  • Applications include next generation wireless, quantum computing, ADAS, wireline communication, automotive ethernet.
  • IP cores available as individual components or as highly integrated Application Specific Sub-system Macros.

Parts Inc. (Parts) is an integrated circuit (IC) design house located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Parts offers turnkey services that enable our clients to develop innovative ASIC/SoC products. We have been collaborating with GlobalFoundries (ӲƵAPP) to deliver ӲƵAPP’s feature-rich technologies to our customers with a combination of our design platform and services.

We are deeply involved in the development, testing and production of automotive products, and we will accelerate the development of automotive products through continued R&D and business cooperation. 

  • All-digital PLL IP and complementary design solutions for 22FDX?
  • Custom IC design and physical implementation services for ӲƵAPP FD-SOI process technologies

Photeon Technologies is a leading fabless ASIC supplier headquartered in Dornbirn, Austria and an R&D design center in Pavia, Italy. Photeon is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO26262 certified and specialized in the design, productization and sourcing of mixed signal System-on-Chip (SoC) integrated circuits. Our international engineering team has overall 1400+ years experience in designing ICs in the area of power management, high precision and high speed analog circuits, digital signal processing and the integration of all kind of processor cores. Our most recent focus is in the automotive and medical market although our experience was gained out of high volume consumer semiconductors.

Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI), the world’s leading OSAT, was founded in 1997. We serve the international customers with services including chip bumping, chip probing, IC assembly, final testing, burn in, and system level assembly. In 2017 PTI expanded the production base to Japan to serve the local automotive electronics and IoT market. And in 2018, PTI began the construction of the newest Fan Out Panel Level Package manufacturing facility in Hsinchu Science Park.

PTI has manufacturing facility located in Taiwan, China and Japan. PTI dedicates her efforts in developing advanced technologies, while carrying on as the world’s leading memory packaging and testing solution provider. Through strategic alliances and resource integration, PTI group relentlessly marches onward in the semiconductor packaging and testing field.


Presto Engineering is the recognized expert in ASIC design and semiconductor development services, helping innovative companies imagine and implement solutions for tomorrow in high-value markets such as Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Communication. With a full supply chain in place across Europe, North America and Asia, Presto has unique expertise in managing IC projects that cover the entire value chain from concept to volume production. Since 2006, Presto has earned a reputation as the Trusted Partner that helps companies minimize overhead, reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market. For more information, visit: .

  • BSIMProPlus?, ME-Pro?: industrys leading modeling solution, SPICE model extraction, customization & QA, process platform evaluation & benchmark, for Bulk, FD-SOI, FinFET technologies
  • NanoSpice?, NanoSpice Giga?: new SPICE and FastSPICE simulators, fully leverage parallel computing power to achieve accurate, fast and economic circuit simulation & verifications for big FD-SOI & FinFET designs
  • Mass production proven ultra-low power embedded FPGA
  • Complete SW support for FPGA design and SoC integration in 22FDX?
  • ӲƵAPP channel partner providing IP and design services for 22FDX? process technology
  • “makeChip” design service platform provides an IT infrastructure with EDA tools and technology data setup

Rambus brings invention to market. Our customizable IP cores, architecture licenses, tools, services, and training improve the competitive advantage of our customers products while accelerating their time-to-market. Rambus products and innovations capture, secure, and move data.

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  • Offers low-power 64-bit RISC-V CPU IP cores available on 22FDX? process technology
  • Industry leader in low-power, asynchronous design focused on embedded computer vision and artificial intelligence
  • Software solutions and processes for IoT, automotive and industrial and emerging device technologies
  • Offer turnkey solutions including hardware and software for complete SoC production
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Siemens is dedicated to helping companies engineer a smarter future faster. Siemens is committed to delivering the worlds most comprehensive portfolio of embedded software solutions as well as electronic design automation (EDA) software, hardware, and services. Whats more, Siemens is breaking down the barriers between electrical, mechanical and software design disciplines, between design and manufacturing, bridging virtual and physical design and manufacturing, enabling companies to more rapidly advance in their digital transformation and evolve from systems to market-leading ecosystems companies with the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

  • Provides RISC-V CPU IP including SiFive’s E31 and E51 RISC-V cores available on ӲƵAPP’s 22FDX? process technology
  • Founded by the inventors of RISC-V and the first fabless provider of customized semiconductors based on the free and open instruction set architecture

Silicon Creations is a leader in the design of high performance integrated circuit clocking IP. Silicon Creations offers a range of PLL options that address the aggressive trade-offs between performance, power, and area that are typically not addressed by other IP offerings. Silicon Creations clocking IP has been used by customers worldwide in numerous process technologies to solve their toughest clocking challenges.


Silicon Library is a leading provider of High Speed Interface semiconductor IP solutions, focusing on the development of HDMI V1.3/V1.4 transmit (TX) and receive (RX) solutions. Silicon Library HDMI IP components are deployed by advanced semiconductor companies around the world looking for standard-compliant HDMI solutions for a broad range of consumer electronics applications.

  • SmartSpice? and Utmost IV? C Simulation, optimization and characterization of spice models for analog FDX circuits
  • iPDKs for FDX technology for Silvacos custom design flow
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  • Sofics (Solutions for ICs), a foundry independent IP company, offers solutions that lower cost, increase revenue and profit, reduce operational risk and create value for (AS)IC customers
  • Solutions enable normal operation high performance (despite and with ESD protection), higher ESD robustness where needed and in an economic fashion and first-time-right patented designs, available off-the-shelf at reduced silicon, development and IP costs

Spectral Design and Test Inc. is a point solution provider specialized in Embedded Memory. We offer intellectual property (IP) such as Low Power SRAMs, ROMs and Register Files. Our diverse memory portfolio includes specialized embedded memory architectures such as TCAMs, Multiports and Cache. Spectral has proprietary technologies enabling the lowest power memories available in the market. These architectures are silicon proven and in volume production. Automation is a key differentiating technology that enables high quality, efficient memory IP implementation. Spectral’s commercially available MemoryCanvasTM and MemoryTimeTM development tools fuel the Memory Compiler engine of Spectral’s Memory IP development.

  • Best-in-class low power PowerMiser and ultra low voltage EverOn SRAM offerings available on ӲƵAPPs 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX?) process technology
  • sureCore’s industry-leading, low power SRAM technology meets both challenging power budgets and manufacturability constraints posed by todays visionary IoT, wearable and medical products

Synopsys is a leading provider of high-quality, silicon-proven IP solutions for SoC designs. The broad DesignWare? IP portfolio includes logic libraries, embedded memories, PVT sensors, embedded test, analog IP, wired and wireless interface IP, security IP, embedded processors and subsystems. To accelerate prototyping, software development and integration of IP into SoCs, Synopsys’ IP Accelerated initiative offers IP prototyping kits, IP software development kits and IP subsystems. Synopsys’ extensive investment in IP quality, comprehensive technical support and robust IP development methodology enable designers to reduce integration risk and accelerate time-to-market. For more information on DesignWare IP, visit


Tessolve is the leading engineering solution provider with 2000+ engineers worldwide and a full breadth of pre- and post-silicon expertise. Tessolve provides a one-stop-shop solution with full-fledged hardware and software capabilities including its advanced silicon and system testing labs. Tessolve continuously invests in its R&D center with specific initiatives in 5G, mmWave, Silicon Photonics, High Performance Compute, System-level Test, Automotive Products, and others. Tessolve also offers embedded solutions from concept-to-manufacturing under an ODM model with application expertise in Avionics, Automotive, Industrial and Medical segments.

  • OSAT provider to apply TSVs for CIS package in mass production
  • OSAT provider with CIS product turn-key services from chip package to module

True Circuits, Inc. (TCI) is a pioneer in the analog IP industry, first delivering PLL hard macros to customers in 1998. Over the past 14 years, TCI has established itself as the technology leader in high performance and general purpose timing IP for the semiconductor, systems and electronics industries. Our robust state-of-the-art circuits, methodical and proven design strategy, and close association with ӲƵAPP has enabled us to offer the largest portfolio of PLL and DLL IP available on ӲƵAPP processes from 180nm to 65nm, with 28nm soon to be qualified.

TCI’s high-quality, low-jitter and standardized PLLs and DLLs are available in a range of frequencies, multiplication factors, sizes and functions to meet the precise timing requirements for the latest DDR, SerDes, audio/video and other interface standards. Whether your requirements are simple or highly complex, TCI can provide standard off-the-shelf or full custom timing IP to meet your exact needs.


Since 2005, Toppan Printing and IBM have been engaged in joint development of advanced photomask processes. Our collaborative efforts have aided the 45nm and 32nm wafer process development conducted by IBM and certain of its wafer process development partners in East Fishkill, NY.” to “Toppan Printing and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have a long-term joint development of advanced photomask processes. Our collaborative efforts have aided the 45nm and 32nm wafer process development conducted by ӲƵAPP and certain of its wafer process development partners in East Fishkill, NY.


Uniquify provides leading edge SoC design and IP solutions, and is a member of the FDXcelerator Partner Program with ӲƵAPP. We offer a wide range of ideas2silicon services that span design specification, RTL, logic design/verification, physical implementation, and manufacturing operations. Perseus, our proprietary design management system allows us to deliver consistent design closure and reduced schedules on even the most complex SoC designs.

Uniquifys services cover 55/40/28/22/14nm process technologies including FinFET and FD-SOI. Our design experts have extensive experience in meeting stringent power, clocking, IP integration, and performance requirements for todays most challenging ASIC and SoC designs. Our track record of success includes over 300 successful tapeouts, with many designs in volume production and has earned us repeat business from our customers in Asia, Japan and Korea. As a trusted partner, our customers rely on us to consistently deliver high quality designs on-time and within budget. In addition to our services we offer a portfolio of high-performance DDR interface IP. Because of its patented adaptive logic technology, Uniquify DDR IP achieves maximum performance and smaller area in mainstream and low-power processes. Combinations of DDR4/3 and LPDDR4/3/2 IP are supported in ӲƵAPPs leading processes. https://www.Uniquify.com


Founded in 2002,VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. (“VeriSilicon”) is a fast growing IC (integrated circuit) design foundry providing custom silicon solutions and SoC turnkey services. VeriSilicon has an extensive track record of accelerating customer designs from initial specification to silicon, achieving first silicon successon time and on specand taking customer silicon through volume production, utilizing its partner network of leading wafer foundries and assembly and test companies in Asia Pacific. In addition to its flexible engagement model, superior supply chain management, and strong service culture, VeriSilicon’s market leading licensable digital signal processing (ZSP)cores and Star IP based SoC platforms, along with value-added mixed signal IP portfolio, are the key differentiators for its success in a broad range of application markets, including multimedia, voice and wireless communications. VeriSilicon’s global customer base of market leading multinationals and fabless start-up companies benefit from shorter development cycles, reduced cost of ownership, and economies of scale.

VeriSilicon currently has research and development centers in Santa Clara, California, and Dallas, Texas; Shanghai and Beijing, China; with sales and customer support offices in Nice, France; Santa Clara, US; Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, China; Tokyo, Japan; Taipei, Taiwan; and Seoul, Korea.


Since 2004, Vortex Aerospace Design & Labs, Inc. (VADL) has been verifying and aggregating designs for various MPW programs. We are proud to offer this expertise on Global Foundries’ Global Solutions Ecosystem. We offer Global Foundries technologies for MPWs and fully dedicated production runs. In addition, VADL provides design, verification, and mask data prep services to assist with your chip design flow.

  • IP customization services on silicon-proven microwave front-ends and synthesizers up to mmWave frequencies
  • World class transceiver designs for backhaul, 5G, 802.11.* and RADAR applications

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, WZX is a professional supply chain operation company. It provides one-stop service and technical support to small and medium IC design companies, universities, and institutes. Specifically WZX offers Multi Project Wafer (MPW), dedicated Engineering runs, and full production wafers for all of Globalfoundries technologies. WZX works exclusively serving GlobalFoundries. Since 2002, WZX has been a dedicated local channel for Chartered Semiconductor which offered mainly CMOS technologies. In 2015, WZX was (again) qualified as channel to do wafer business with Globalfoundries in China for those customers in small size or new start-up. In 2018, WZX extended the scope to CMOS BU + RFBU technologies.

WZX has a broad engagement in China. As of today, WZX handles more than 100 small customers for GlobalFoundries. WZX has set a high bar of customer satisfaction. Key individuals have 15+ years of experience supporting SiGe/SOI/RFCMOS customers across China/Japan/Korea/Taiwan/Singapore. Customers prefer this team for professional and excellent service. WZX offerings are also available to customers in other geos, e.g., North America, Europe, etc. WZX also runs chemistry business, etc. There are separate BUs.


Xenergic provides ultra-low power SRAM for wide application categories ranging from ultra-low power to high-speed. Xenergics MemoryTailorTM provides the best memory configuration for each applications specific needs.

  • Analog/RF IC EDA suite enabling fast passive modeling and simulation at advanced technology nodes
  • Integrated passive devices (IPD) solution enabling system miniaturization for RF front-end module designs
  • High speed high performance multi-protocols Serdes PHY solution (up to 16G) for 22FDX?
  • High performance analog IPs (ADC/DAC/PLL/PMU/AFE) provider

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