Public Policy Engagement

Across our global footprint, GlobalFoundries (ӲƵAPP) works with governments, organizations and other stakeholders to discuss policy positions for our company, our customers and our communities. We engage with our stakeholders to promote policies that support our global mission of enhancing humanity through technology solutions. These engagements are aligned with ӲƵAPPs priorities of enhancing innovation, environmental stewardship, strengthening the global supply chain and developing a global workforce.

Public Policy Priorities  

Public policy topics important to ӲƵAPP include: manufacturing secure chips; advancing manufacturing; investment in semiconductor manufacturing and innovation; creating more resilient and responsible supply chains; environmental sustainability and combating climate change; social equity; workforce development; diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging; tax law; and intellectual property protections. 

Lobbying and Advocacy  

ӲƵAPPs Government Relations team leads the companys political and legislative activities, adhering to the highest ethical standards and consistent with our Worldwide Standards: Code of Conduct and all applicable laws and regulations. In the U.S. and other nations, we engage at the federal and state/regional levels of government to share ӲƵAPPs perspective and advocate for public policies that advance our business interests, and align with our company values and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals.  

Lobbying Disclosure 

In the U.S., we disclose our lobbying activity as required by law, and file required reports in accordance with applicable regulations. We report our U.S. lobbying activities and expenses on a quarterly basis. The reports can be found in the Senates Lobbying Disclosure Act Database. Outside the U.S., we similarly follow all national laws and regulations regarding the disclosure of our political engagement and lobbying activity. 

Political Giving 

Globally, we do not make direct contributions to political candidates.  

Collaboration with Trade Groups 

Our company collaborates with trade groups, coalitions and other organizations on policy objectives that align with our global mission and values 

Statement of Political & Public Policy Involvement