Diversity is in Our DNA

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Our Beliefs

Equal opportunities are important to us, because diversity is an asset for all of us C the team and the company. In order to make this diversity in different dimensions possible, GlobalFoundries Dresden supports the employees with different measures.

Health & Inclusion

The health of our employees has top priority at all times and in all areas of the company. Our in-house Health Center provides our employees with a wide range of comprehensive support in maintaining their health.

We promote job security for severely disabled and health-impaired people. We are not only concerned with meeting legal requirements or fulfilling our social responsibility.

The rate of employees with an inclusion background at GlobalFoundries Dresden is currently around four percent. The individual and general interests of employees with health impairments are represented at the site by the Representative Council for Disabled Employees.


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Our Way

The company health management system, with the pillar of company integration management, pursues the goal of keeping employees healthy, efficient and motivated. Workplaces are set up in such a way that they can perform their work under optimal external conditions. To this end, we continuously examine possibilities for improvement.

We look at our employees individually: this means that, despite standardization, we consider individual health problems and try to find the optimal workplace for everyone. At the same time, we encourage our employees to invest time and energy in maintaining their own health. We show managers and employees ways and means of identifying and reducing stress. We place particular emphasis on practical and manageable regulations.

  • The Health Center team is available to employees Monday to Friday from 6.00 to 22.00 hours.
  • The interests of people with disabilities are represented by the disabled representatives* at the site.
  • We regularly organize health days to sensitize our employees to health issues and offer them various options for individual health maintenance.
  • The in-house fitness center enables employees, their partners and our contractors to take part in sporting activities close to their workplace. The opening hours are adapted to our shift models so that colleagues working in shifts can also take part in sporting activities.

Educational & Professional Background

People with different educational backgrounds and career histories enrich our company. We strive for an ONEӲƵAPP culture that values contributions regardless of education or professional background of all employees.

We support and motivate each other to learn. We demonstrate understanding and appreciation for the challenges and difficulties of colleagues in other jobs and roles.


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Our Way

GlobalFoundries employees can take benefit from various internal opportunities to develop their skills. The internal programs support the expansion of professional, technical, methodological and social competencies. 

  • Students (Internships, Working students, Bachelor, Master and Diploma thesis) 
  • On-The-Job-Training (OJT) for all employees 
  • Global development weeks and internal conferences (e.g. Automotive Days) 
  • Professional Development Focus 
    • Learning opportunities and training 
    • Mentoring program: Leadership 
    • Personality and leadership development 
    • Job Rotation C> Pilot Project: Knowledge Transfer C Walk in my shoes 

  • Technical Development Focus  
    • Customized training & development programs for Process Technicians (PT) and Maintenance Technicians (MT) 
    • Learning from each other: sharing sessions, e.g., smart technology review) 
    • Mentoring Program: Technical Vitality

Gender & Gender Identity

The semiconductor industry is a very male dominated industry. The gender distribution of the professional and academic degrees relevant to our industry is also reflected in our company. 16.76 percent of the employees of GlobalFoundries Dresden are women.

It is our goal to increase the number of women employed by us step by step. In order to increase the number of women in the professional groups that are important to us, we participate in various vocational training formats (student internships, Genial Sozial etc.) and competitions (Jugend forscht etc.) in order to give girls and boys an insight into the semiconductor industry and to arouse the curiosity of the female student body for a technical profession.


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Our Way

  • We live a gender-neutral DU-communication: employees are not reduced to women or men, but are addressed by their first names.
  • We live a gender-appropriate communication, so that everyone feels addressed. Equal pay for equal work is a lived reality at GlobalFoundries Dresden.
  • We enable part-time work for all areas.
  • We are currently developing management development programs for women in technical professions and positions.
  • In the worldwide network GlobalWomen not only women exchange ideas for the professional development of women.


The age dimension plays a major role for us as a company, not only because of demographic change. In mixed-age teams, different values, attitudes and experiences come together.

We as a company and above all our products and customers benefit from this.


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Our Way

  • We live knowledge transfer through mentoring.
  • We have teams that reflect a good mix of all age groups and levels of experience.
  • We offer a variety of health measures to keep our employees fit (gym, Health Days, etc.).
  • We give room for individual health care and care of relatives through flexible working time models for employees in normal shifts and various part-time models in shift work.

ӲƵAPP in Europe

We are global not only in name, we are global and diverse in every respect. Our workforce C our products C our future. The cooperation of more than 3,000 people from over 40 nations is the basis of our success.

For me, diversity means wealth from which I can draw – the opposite of simplicity.

Gabriele, Facilities on Inclusion

Religion & Worldview

People with different religions and beliefs work at GlobalFoundries Dresden.

Whether Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish or Muslim beliefs, we offer the space to bring your own religion in harmony with your professional life.


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Our Way

  • In our prayer room employees and contractors can withdraw for prayers.
  • International holidays are also considered in our cafeteria and are reflected in the menu.
  • The menu of our cafeteria also takes into account the religious concerns of our employees C at least one dish per day is vegetarian

Sexual Orientation & Identity

We at GlobalFoundries Dresden live an open corporate culture and together we create a working environment where prejudices have no place.

It is our common goal that all employees feel comfortable with us, no matter what sexual orientation they have, what gender they belong to, what mother tongue they speak, where they grew up, or what religion they belong to or what worldview they live.


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Our Way

Our Ethics Point is the point of contact for sexually motivated harassment and assault.

Ethnic Origin & Cultural Identity

Employees with different language and cultural backgrounds enrich our company. Currently, employees from 47 nations work at GlobalFoundries Dresden.

This linguistic and cultural diversity enables us to speak the language of our customers. To enable global talents to join GlobalFoundries Dresden, English is the second company language after German.


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Our Way

  • We have employees from 47 nations.
  • To give all employees access to important company information, all news is published in German and English.
  • We continuously offer seminars and further training, also on a wide range of (inter)cultural topics.
  • We cooperate with an external telephone hotline in case of non-German-speaking employees become victims of assaults or racially motivated attacks outside GlobalFoundries Dresden.